Naco and Norge.

Moto Guzzi Giuseppe Guzzi Norge

The stellar history of Moto Guzzi is studded with special men, often unseen and out of the limelight. Giuseppe Guzzi, Carlo’s brother, joined the factory when the first technical department was born in 1927, and its supervision was entrusted to him as the external consultant. His role will be very important: Carlo was brilliant with his ideas and Giuseppe was as important to their implementation as he was to the development of the factory. His personality led him to make long trips alone with his Sport 500: Paris, Pyrenees, Vienna, Budapest, Carpathians, Slesia … In the Carpathians he broke the frame and fixed it with inner tubes, discovering that the bike thus arranged was an improvement. “Te set che la va mej insci?” (“Do you know that it is better this way?”) He said to his brother Carlo. The GT 500 was born from this experience, the first Gran Turismo Moto Guzzi, the first to be equipped with rear suspension. Innovation, again