60 hp / liter.

Moto Guzzi 250 al TT

Motociclismo magazine, analyzing the new Moto Guzzi 250, can’t contain its enthusiasm: “The Guzzi engine’s power is so impressive that it makes the performance of all the major Grand Prix car manufacturers – except Bugatti – pale in comparison, and should enable the motorcycle in which it is mounted very significant speeds that would allow it – we believe – a sure victory even in the lions’ den, if – as it now seems certain – it decides to go to the Isle of Man to compete in that Tourist Trophy which is rather the Golden Fleece of our desires for European affirmation in the motorcycle field “.
And indeed.
Pietro Ghersi in Lightweight (the 250 TT race) is amazing. He stays in the lead for a long time, in front of all the home riders who know that terrible track by heart, then he has to change the spark plug and finally a refueling makes him drop to second position which he keeps at the finish line, only to lose because the changed spark plug was not regulation.