September 6-12, 2021: 100 years of Moto Guzzi – Motoraduno Internazionale Città della Moto Guzzi

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“If, by good fortune…”

Mandello del Lario, 1910s. A young engine mechanic begins to take an interest in engines at the Ripamonti garage, well-known in the area. His great curiosity and sense of practicality lead him to design a new motorcycle that fit his ideals. 500 cc, horizontal cylinder in order to expose the head to cooling, 4 valves, double ignition, gearbox in block, external flywheel and a low frame, finally a motorcycle that no longer appeared to be a modified bicycle.

This victorious vision, which includes two Air Force officers as passionate about engines as he, that the great war will bring together with that randomness of life that often magically combines destinies. Carlo Guzzi (the design engineer), Giorgio Parodi (the financier), Giovanni Ravelli (the rider) become friends and agree to produce that bike. And they will not stop, not even after the death of Giovanni in an airplane test. Giorgio asks his father Vittorio, a prudent and shrewd Genoese shipowner, for the financing to leave. Vittorio agrees: “… … If, by good fortune, I should like what I see, I am willing to go a long way without limitations of figures”.

March 15, 1921: The Anonymous Moto Guzzi Company was born, with registered and administrative headquarters in Genoa and a production plant in Mandello del Lario. Vision, prudence, rationality and passion.

Mandello del Lario, 2021. 100 years have passed since those magical days: 100 years of vision, prudence, rationality, ingenuity that generated an infinite, throbbing, reckless passion. 100 years of Guzzismo straddling wonderful, pulsating motorcycles, companions of adventurous journeys as well as of joyful everyday life; 100 years that we will celebrate together, through that magical rite that is celebrated every year with the whole of Mandello del Lario congregating around the factory where dreams are created.

Mandello del Lario, September 6-12, 2021: here are the definitive dates of the Centenary International Motorcycle Rally City of Moto Guzzi, where Mandello, as usual, will once again irresistibly attract every Guzzista who, like a moth to a flame, will turn the handlebars of Moto Guzzis of every generation towards that shore where each was born: Lake Como. There the celebrations will be complete with a full calendar of events that will begin on September 6, and then carry on to September 9 for the GMG 2021. Moto Guzzi together with the International Motorcycle Raduno Committee are preparing an unforgettable event.

But not only that: many other events are in progress throughout the year that will warm our hearts with two and four valves, single or twin cylinders, until the final apotheosis of September.

It will be a great, unforgettable party. Follow us on the official website and on our Facebook and Instagram channels to receive all the updates.