Duilio Agostini

Test Rider. Private Rider. Factory Rider. Dealer. Endurance Team  Sponsor/Manager. Manufacturer of special parts. Founder of the Motoclub.
Originator of the September Raduno. President of the Motoclub Carlo Guzzi. Duilio Agostini has portrayed almost every possible facet of dedication and passion for Moto Guzzi, becoming a true reference point. His is a story rich in details, many little known, that every enthusiast can enjoy at the next Motoraduno Internazionale Città della Moto Guzzi.
In fact, during the three days, in the exhibition space at the Lido it will be possible to visit a large exhibition of images and memorabilia focused on everything that Duilio has accomplished and experienced, divided into seven topics: biography, his races until 1953 and, as factory rider, the races from 1954 until his retirement, the Endurance races, the Carlo Guzzi Motorcycle Club he founded, the Raduno at Mandello (it was Duilio himself who created the meeting in September, every two years) and the dealership.
It is a great opportunity to relive this glorious history by visiting the mementos and records of Duilio generously made available by the Agostini family, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts.

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