Custom contest: Le speciali del Taj


Taj was Carlo Guzzi’s nickname. The 96th International Motorbike rally is organasing a contest dedicated to “Special Café’ Racer”, in memory of Taj’s creativity and his desire for continuous research and innovation.


Saturday 9th September 2017

Who can participate:

Anyone who has created a unique, special “personal” Moto Guzzi. Only private owners are allowed to participate.


  • Moto Guzzi only
  • Motorbike in working condition with plate, mirrors and indicators


How to register:

Send to the email address below three pictures (before, during and after/end result). Include a short description of the motorbike and the alterations made to it (specifying if changes have been made at a private/home garage, at a repair shop and/or customizer  garage). This will be a very important variable when judging.

However if changes have been made at a repair shop and/or specialised motorbike “preparation” garage, the idea and request must have come from the motorbike owner and not from professional garage owners.

It is compulsory to attend the event on 9th September (when vote and award ceremony will take place).

You can register until 11am am Saturday 9th September. Award Ceremony on the same day at 4.30 pm.

A panel of judges, captained by Bruno Scola, memorable “motorbike preparatory” leader and top expert on the subject, will choose the three “best” bikes and the owners will receive really special prizes.

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