The bike of our lottery !!

V7IICAFERACER – Agostini Mandello



  • Single seat
  • Front hull
  • Exhaust System

Agostini’s exhaust system for V7II Stone .


  • Air filter  

Air filter  K&N RU-0982

  • Chrome semi-handlebar kit

Chrome kit including cables and handlebar halves for ABS version and for changing your V7 into an even more sporty version. Specific for ABS version – V7 II 2015.

  • Shock absorber

Rear twin shock with preload adjuster BLACK series

Twin shocks mono-chamber type BLACK series, in line with the market trend, nitrogen pressurized with a oil/gas separating piston, specifically setting for individual models of motorcycles. These shocks improves riding comfort and vehicle control thanks to its internal hydraulic system. The large adjustment range offers excellent performance in every riding condition (rider only or full load on board).

Technical features: Shock body in high resistance steel alloy, both upper and lower attachments fully CNC machined from the top quality billet aluminium alloy. The linear or progressive springs are chosen and mounted according to the type of vehicle application.


  • Complete fork cartridge with spring

Developed by Bitubo for the “traditional” front Forks, the Fork Cartridge changes the standard fork into an adjustable pressurized modern fork.

  • Foot rest

Agostini allumium foot rest fot V7

  • Fluid Tank

Black Fluid Tank : 15 cm – hight : 49 mm

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