Be part of the Committee

All you see outside Moto Guzzi factory have been sponsored by the International Motorcycle Rally “Mandello del Lario Città della Moto Guzzi” Committee.

If you enjoy the party and would like it to be even more fun, you could sponsor us by:

  • Buying lottery tickets ( prize draw Saturday 9th September at 22.00 – Market Square (Piazza del Mercato). Winning Prize is a wonderful and unique V7.


  • Subscribing to the Committee at Garibaldi Square (Piazza Garibaldi)! You will receive the badge “io c’ero” (I was there), 2017 edition bracelet and the possibility to represent Mandello on Saturday 16th September at the Arese circuit, for the third leg of the “Innovatour” project!


If you need further information please do not hesitate to ask to the Committee at Garibaldi Square (Piazza Garibaldi) or Info Point at Guzzi Square (Piazzale Guzzi), in front of the factory!


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