La via del Naco

Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Americas, Persia, the heart of Africa, Alaska. How many times have we wished, fantasized, imagined to travel across those lands, and aim at those horizons with our trusted companion, our Moto Guzzi?
Once again, this year, at the Motoraduno Internazionale Città della Moto Guzzi, we will meet those who have crossed those spaces and horizons.
La Via del Naco will gather them all together, ready to answer the questions of those who want to ask what courage it takes, what experiences they have made, what precautions must be taken, and what tricks to adopt for the next who will not resist the temptation of the great journey. Simone ‘iBaby’ Marchetti, Giorgio Di Marco and Sergio ‘Jejo’ Freschi have been the first to guarantee their presence. The Motoraduno Internazionale Città della Moto Guzzi is becoming increasingly unmissable.

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