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Motoraduno Mandello del Lario Welcome Moto Guzzi Club

Welcome, Moto Guzzi Club.

There is not a more joyous moment for us than the three days of our Moto-Guzzi International Motorcycle Rally (which we remind you this year will take place on September 7th, 8th and 9th). Seeing so many passionate people come from all over Italy and the World to join our streets and contribute to the big party, by sharing our boundless passion for these beautiful motorcycles, is priceless.
This also urges us to try harder and make every gathering more interesting and stimulating. This year we have introduced a designated area for every Italian and foreign Moto Guzzi club that will officially join.
You will have an individual space of about 4×4 meters (the space of a standard gazebo), where you can set up your own stand, welcome your affiliates, sell your gadgets and do any activity that you think may be nice and stimulating for all Guzzi fans and happy to see you among the streets of Mandello. This is a way to both offer you visibility and make the gathering offer a richer experience for every “guzzista”.
We ask you, as a contribution, to commit to sell 200 Motoraduno lottery tickets; which will be delivered as soon as we receive your official booking. This should give you plenty of time to distribute them, before the draw.
Last recommendations: you are free to sell your gadgets and do all kind of activities as long as they do not clearly conflict with those of the Organizing Committee (examples of activities not allowed: organize a lottery, sell spare parts, sell food or drinks, sell gadgets linked to the event) and obviously you will be responsible for what you do in and near your space.

Please complete your booking as soon as possible, space is limited and there might not be space for everyone. Please confirm your participation to
We look forward to seeing you at this year‘s rally.

The Committe

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