La via del Naco

Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Americas, Persia, the heart of Africa, Alaska. How many times have we wished, fantasized, imagined to travel across those lands, and aim at those horizons with our trusted companion, our Moto Guzzi? Once again, this year, at the Motoraduno Internazionale Città della Moto Guzzi, we will meet those who have crossed those…

Ciao Presidente

Years of new projects, years of great events, years of passion. You left too early. We remind you to queue with us a lunch in the market square, at GMG ONE OF US We will miss you Ivano Beggio  (Rio San Martino, 31 agosto 1944 – Montebelluna, 13 marzo 2018) Presidente Moto Guzzi 2000-2004

Happy new Year

Happy New Year !! Since you will take the new agenda … mark the dates !!!

Vetrina 2017

In this holiday season we announce the winner of the best showcase at the Motoraduno internazionale 2017! Congratulations to Fabrizio Nicolis !!! For him a stay for 2 people in one of the QC Terme centers!

Lottery draw

The lucky number is: 11569! Congratulations to Castiglione Massimo, the winner of the V7 of the Motoraduno Internazionale Città della Moto Guzzi 2017! To all participants an endless thanks from the committee  ! ! ! See you next year !!!